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we have over 120 societies. from music and dance to harry potter


How to join a society

1. Have a look through our wonderful societies using the scrolling list on the left.

2. Click on the society or societies that take your fancy

3. Login to our website by clicking 'LOG IN' in the top right hand corner

4. Purchase your membership from each society page and follow the instructions

5. Your society committee will soon be in touch with you, if you can't wait though feel free to contact them, let them know you have joined and introduce yourself! 

Why join a society?

Discover exciting new hobbies, unleash hidden talents, find a new passion or indulge in what you already love. Being part of a society welcomes you in to a family of like minded individuals and is a really great and exciting place to make new friends.

Societies are great fun! Ask any society member what the best part of their society is and the socials are sure to be high on the list. Activities, meals, and Union nights out are key parts of the academic calendar, so there’s not a chance to get bored! And if you do, join more societies!

We'll be running a 'Give it a Go' day in FreshFest15 so keep an eye out for that, it's a great way of getting to know what a society is really like before deciding to join.

Not only do societies offer a unique platform to make friends, learn new things and have fun, being part of a society means you could win awards, attend conferences and ceremonies and gain qualifications.  All the experience you will gain is a great addition to boost your CV.

There are over 120 societies to choose from, take a look at our list and if you don’t see anything you like, start your own society!




If you are wondering why there are little or no events at the moment it's because our society committee members are busy handing over to a brand new committee for next year. The calendar will be full again for the new academic year.




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Things to consider
- Check which groups already exist. Yours needs to be different
- What type of Society will yours be? Check the existing categories on the Societies List. Where do you see your Society fitting in?
- What makes your Society unique?
- Is there a strong student interest? Have you spoken to other students and asked their views?
- What activities will your Society be doing?
- How and where will you carry out the activities?
- Do you need any special equipment for your Society?
- How will you finance your Society?
- When you have the answers to the questions above, discuss your idea with the Volunteer and Societies team in Office 1.30 in DSU. You will then need to complete a Society Registration Form to apply formally.
Collect a Society Registration Form, or download the online version here.
Hand your completed form to Emma Wright or Tom Nicholls in the Volunteering and Societies Office (1.30) or email them to You will be invited to the next Societies Panel meeting where you can explain what your society is all about and answer any questions that the Committee members may have.