Frequently Asked Questions

Where is De Montfort University (DMU)?

DMU is in Leicester, which is scientifically* the centre of the universe.

What is De Montfort Students’ Union (DSU)?

That’s us! We’re an independent student-run and student-led organisation. We’re here to involve represent and inspire you to make the most of your time at DMU and you can find us in the Campus Centre on the DMU campus, online and on social media! Follow follow follow


What is DMU’s address?

The main address for the university is;

De Montfort University
The Gateway

And you can find us at…

De Montfort Students' Union
Campus Centre Building
Mill Lane

How do I get to campus?

The university has a load of information about how you can easily get to campus. Find it here!

What activities can I get involved with?

DSU run a tonne of fun activities for you to get involved with, including societies (from Dance to Game of Thrones and everything in between), volunteering and our student media group, Demon Media. We also run all of your sports clubs in partnership with the university. You can find out more about everything you can get involved with on our website!

What is a student card and where can I get one?

Once you’ve enrolled at DMU (which the university should have contacted you about!) you will need to pick up your student ID card. You can do this at the university’s induction events between Friday 20 and Monday 23 September.

As well as showing you’re a DMU student, this card entitles you to a few student discounts – but for many, many more we’d recommend you pick up an NUS Extra card! Find out more here.

What is Freshers?!

Right. We’ve definitely got this one covered. Find out more here.

(Basically, it’s the best week of your life so far.)

What is a Freshers 2019 wristband and what does it include?

A wristband gets you into all of our 'nights out' based events over Freshers 2019 including some amazing evening events too, we'll be releasing them all at 8 am on Thursday 15th August. 

You'll be about to find the most up-to-date list of events here 

Where can I buy a Freshers 2019 wristband?

You can grab a wristband online here. There will also be a very limited amount available from DSU Reception from 10am on Friday 20, Saturday 21 and Sunday 22 September to buy in person.

Where can I collect my Freshers 2019 wristband?

You can collect your wristband (and anything else you might have bought with it in a package) between 10am and 4pm on Friday 20, Saturday 21 and Sunday 22 September from us in the Campus Centre. You’ll need your email receipt and photographic ID to collect it – but believe us, it’s worth it.

Can I get a refund for my Freshers wristband?

You may request a refund from or with a valid, provable reason. No refunds will be given if we deem the reason to not be valid and no requests for refunds will be able to be submitted after Thursday 19th September 2019.

Can someone collect my wristband or other items for me?

Unfortunately only you can collect your wristband, bar tour t-shirt, NUS card and package deal items

What do the T-shirt colours mean for the Bar Tour?

Because there are so many people wanting to get involved with the bar tour we're having to split you into groups. Each colour has a different departure time, this will be the time you'll need to be at the starting location here at the Student Union. We only have a limited number of each colour and therefore it's good to grab them early. 
I've seen other Freshers wristbands available on other websites, are these official?

No. The ONLY official wristbands and events are marked Freshers 2019 and have the De Montfort Students' Union logo on. There are other events and wristbands from other companies around Leicester that may say, Freshers. however, these are in no way affiliated with DSU and we can't guarantee their events.

The only place selling Offical DSU Freshers 2019 Wristbands and tickets is our website.

I am going to be studying a DMU course at a partner college, can I still get involved in Freshers?

Yes. If your course is affiliated to DMU, then you are automatically a member of De Montfort Students' Union - welcome! That means that you are entitled to buy tickets and/or get involved with all of our Freshers 2019 as long as you're above the age of 18.

What if I’m worried about heading to uni?

We know that it can be scary starting uni. But if you are worried, you can get help from students who have been in your position before! Sign up to MyUniPal and get support from a current student who has been through it all already and is here ready to chat and help you when you arrive at DMU! Find out more here.


*this may or may not be scientifically accurate