Leah Hazard Student Midwife Survival Skills Workshop

Wednesday 28 September 2022 / 10am - 1pm

DMU campus, Hawthorn Building HB00.19

The midwifery landscape has changed.

The maternity service is in a state of crisis. Midwifery remains a rewarding role, but the challenges facing us are more complex and daunting than ever. Leah Hazard is now offering workshops to equip midwives and student midwives with the survival skills they’ll need for today’s NHS.

Student midwives learn how to promote the safety of women, other birthing people and babies. But traditional curricula fail to prepare midwives for the challenges they will face in the current environment. In these new half-day workshops, Leah Hazard will give you the skills you need to protect your registration and yourself.

What you’ll learn:

  • Hour 1: My midwifery journey, from being a doula to a mature student juggling university and family life, to a practising midwife in a busy urban hospital. We’ll explore why I wrote my memoir, Hard Pushed, and we’ll talk about whether midwifery has changed in the intervening years. There will be an opportunity to ask questions and get to know each other.

  • Hour 2: The skills you need to protect your registration in a challenging environment. How to document safely (even if you’re used to a tick-box, computerised system), how to escalate concerns effectively and professionally, how to understand Clinical Risk, and how to write statements if and when the worst happens.

  • Hour 3: The skills you need to protect yourself. How to understand the difference between stress and burnout. How to identify, prevent and recover from vicarious trauma and moral injury. How to initiate mental health first aid, and how to seek help if and when it is needed.