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Nabilah Patel
6:18pm on 9 Mar 21 I would tell them to go onto the DMU student portal and go on to the dsu site to find out about any information that has been put on the site regarding democratic sides of the union and i'd tell them to email people like Mu-Hamid to get in touch with them and say that i would like to engage in a role like an executive or liberal officer role.
Cameron Lalor
8:48pm on 9 Mar 21 Hi there, I would aim to tackle this by increasing awareness and engagement so more people have access and ability to be more apart of the loop. To do this I can spit ball a few ideas such as : Use available Social media platforms to create clearer and more engaging content for new and existing students Create clearer access points so the transparency between student and union representatives are actively encouraged I could even go as far as to see what possible surveys and reach out abilities can be made so we can get a clearer perspective of peoples interests. In short networking and social interaction will be the fundamental aspect for accomplishing this. If you however have any other ideas, it would be great to hear and can do so by simply emailing me at
Murraisha Burgess
9:19pm on 9 Mar 21 Hello Gavin, my name is Murraisha and I am running for Diversity & Equality Executive. my goal is to create fun/ hands on environment by organising activities where students would not realise they are learning . This will be done in the form of festivals, games, food as well as talks. As i know for myself its better to learn & be apart of something when you are having fun! Also i want to set up a forum where students can post ideas & concerns anonymously to help make DMU a more diverse campus.
Murraisha Burgess
9:29pm on 9 Mar 21 Hi Gavin, if you would like to chat more or get to know why i am running you can email me: or you can check out my instagram: murraisha_dmu
Nicole Sibanda
9:55am on 10 Mar 21 Hey Gavin. Thank you for your question. I think the most important thing is to create awareness in a way that students know that their voices matter and are at the heart of what DSU does. Social media would be a good tool to increase engagement and provide the necessary information about what is going on and also the room for students to voice their concerns freely.
Joanna Dine-Hart
10:22pm on 10 Mar 21 Hello Gavin! A lot of people have already spoken about using social media and how important every student voice is. However, this only one step. This year has taught us a lot about student engagement and using social media is a good step to engage with those who maybe don’t know what the SU can do for them. This allows us to hear from more students and represent them. But more can be done. From my personal experience it’s about talking and not making it democratic all the time! Politics are an emotional subject for people and to firstly engage them we need to get to their level. As simple minded as it sounds I’d just talk to students, I’ve met a lot this year who had no idea what the SU was and I spoke to them and got their views. If anything big is happening democratically I usually go to my friends who are disengaged from the SU and ask their thoughts. This means I can represent those who aren’t as engaged in the democratic side. It’s about talking openly and honestly I’m my opinion and making everyone comfortable enough to share their views. So next year I’ll keep talking and listening to students around campus and using social media and my own connections to make sure every voice is fairly represented ??
Bushra Angabeen Zafar
12:07pm on 11 Mar 21 Hello, I’ll try to answer as simple as I can, the main issue whether democratic or not, is communication. There are two methods for this: 1. Reach out to students yourself OR 2. Make the students reach you If you follow my campaign, you’ll see one of the aims that I have highlighted is about moving forward from basic contact approach (for example emails) to working on a campaign that will test/discover new efficient approaching techniques (for example custom or hand written postcards etc.), which can effectively increase student feedback and contact ratio. If a student is in contact with her/his council then representation aspect is easily covered. Hope this helps :)
Ben Smith
1:38pm on 11 Mar 21 Hi. I would attempt to reach out and speak to as many students as I possibly can. I try to communicate with them in as many ways as possible to try to reach and speak to different students. I would also like to spend time in and around campus, going up to different people and speaking to them as that can help with gaining information from people who aren't as involved with the students' union and ask how we can get them more involved and help support their university experience. I also think it is important to ensure we try to feedback to the students on what we have done from their comments and the actions we have taken from them so it ensures that they feel their voice are heard and matters.
Tom Powell
1:53pm on 11 Mar 21 Hi Gavin my name is Tom Powell and I am running for Academic Executive. I would like to thank you for your brilliant question. Student engagement is key to ensure that everyone has their voice heard and ensure they have the ultimate student experience whilst at DMU. To reach such a wide audience I would like to continue the tea/coffee meetings with the executive team even if it's to just have a chat or a catch up. I believe that by being a friendly face and making yourself approachable fellow peers will find it easier to engage. If elected (and when restrictions allow) I would like to ensure I have a friendly presence around campus and meet as many students possible as an executive you are still a student and member of the university and it's important to highlight this to students. Another point is social media is very important in the world we live in and so using the numerous resources the union has to reach a wide network of students who may not be on campus everyday is just as important. To summarise my point students need to feel comfortable and welcome to encourage engagement so I will become that friendly face. If you would like to discuss this further please feel free to reach out to me by email at and I would be more than happy to discuss this with you. Once again thank you for your question.
Lorain Damian
9:35pm on 14 Mar 21 Hi Gavin, I am running for Diversity & Equality Executive. Thank you for your great question!. To be able to hear everyone's opinion and especially those who are not involved in the democratic side of the union it is important for them to be felt heard and represented by us (as the union). Not only that but that they feel that the student union is approachable for any matter. For that reason, student engagement is key by both reaching out to students as an executive with the help of f.e surveys, Q&A, and meetings to hear the concerns and take action. But also, making the student union approachable via social media channels and other platforms on which students can also anonymously post their concerns. If you would like to have a chat about this please email me at Cheers!