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Nabilah Patel
6:21pm on 9 Mar 21 I would nominate someone who is confident, driven and can be left in charge so that they can have the chance to speak up about their views and ideas about certain topics that they believe in and would like to raise in meetings. I would nominate a disabled person or someone from the LGBTQ community because they are marginalised and they need to be heard so that they can feel part of something and create change to make a difference.
Murraisha Burgess
9:28pm on 9 Mar 21 Hello Luke,My naame is Murraisha, I am running for Diversity & Equality executive The person who I would like to see a vice chancellor is someone who recognises are individuality and creates and environment tailored to that. As we are all different I believe there should be opportunities and support that reflect our individual needs. Additionally, I would like someone who engages with the lectures and student body to make sure that all voices are heard and that DMU stays current with society and are needs, as well as someone who can think outside the box and bring new ideas to the table as last year has taught us there is nothing conventional in todays world if you would like to discuss my views more or get to know me & why i am running can can email me: or check out my instagram : murraisha_dmu
Cameron Lalor
1:33pm on 10 Mar 21 Hi Luke, so I am not sure if you know or not but in August 2020 we got Katie Normington as Vice Chancellor. I Think her direction about equality and sustainability was really good and her being aware of how covid affected the university and her agendas to combat those. Ideally for the next Chancellor having someone who understands and takes the mantle to provide a continuation of the previous goals, as well as being able to adapt to current needs of the times is really apparent. Covid has definitely taught us that having rigid systems and lack of flexibility causes a lot of issues. For the next Chancellor I would definitely like to see effective problem solving and being deep rooted into the ongoings of the university in terms of staff and student alike. University is like an ecosystem where we need to balance the welfare of each party and communication with effective interaction are paramount foundations to support a flow of balance. So someone genuine and likable would go a long way.
Tom Powell
1:40pm on 11 Mar 21 Hi Luke my name is Tom Powell and I am running for Academic Executive. I would like to thank you for your great question. Firstly, I would like to commend the decision to allow students to have a say in who will be appointed as the new chancellor. I think it's important to nominate some one who is an alumni of DMU, someone who knows what it's like to be student at our university and someone who understands our diversity and values. Secondly DMU welcomes students from a wide range of backgrounds, beliefs, cultures and disabilities, the new chancellor would need to be someone who seeks to continue these values and ensure we remain on the path of diversity. I would welcome you to share any ideas or thoughts you have surrounding this matter with myself as it's great to hear from fellow students. You can reach me by email at Once again I would like to thank you for your question.
Ben Smith
1:48pm on 11 Mar 21 Hi. I am Benjamin Smith and I am running for re-election as Welfare Executive. I think it is important to nominate someone who matches the values and beliefs of DMU, especially around inclusivity. I think that it is important that the person is open, honest and supports the students' voice and listens to all. I would really like someone who does match the values at DMU, those of community, diversity, inclusivity and friendliness.
Joanna Dine-Hart
9:52pm on 11 Mar 21 Hiii Luke! Hope you’re well? Fab question and an important one. Firstly, we need a Chancellor that represents DMU’s values and goals. That will work with and represent students and the University and bring something new to us as an institution. They also need to work well with our new vice chancellor. It’s a conversation we’ve had this year with all the current events. It’s important we pick the right person. To give some actual names as examples for your question. These are names I’ve heard thrown, Munroe Bergdoff or June Sarpong. If I could pick anyone... David Attenborough cause he’s a gem of a human