Candidate for the position of Disabled Students' Part-Time Officer

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Nabilah Patel

My name is Nabilah Patel, I  am a student at De Montfort University and I have a lot of experience when it comes to working with Disabled students.  I think I am the perfect candidate for this role because I am a long standing member of  a forum called The Big Mouth Forum  where disabled people can have their views and opinions heard, as well as  their voices and opinions. I can also understand people because I have a medical condition called Bardet Biedl Syndrome.

 I think I am the best candidate for this role as I have had a lot of experience such as working with people on a professional level. I have had the opportunity to be on panels such as the Young  People's council and The Care Experience council to discuss issues such as  our experiences during the time  that we've been isolating  in covid-19 regulations. I have also been on a platform with them to talk about healthy relationships with couples. I am also taking part in  a national project with Leicester County Council  on what the forum thinks about Covid 19  and we have to answer certain questions that will be collated into data when we feedback to them at a later date.

The things I'd like to achieve are making students feel welcomed and confident enough to trust me with their hopes, dreams and  personal problems.I'd like to point them in the right direction if they're struggling to ask for help.

I think  you should vote for me because  I  am going to provide students with the confidence to chase their dreams and not give up if someone says you can't do that because you're not normal but in my book normal's overrated everyone is special and appreciated in their own way.