Candidate for the position of Equality and Diversity Full Time Executive

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Amarachukwu Ezeogu

Hello everyone,

My name is Amarachukwu Ezeogu. I am studying for a masters degree in Data Analytics at faculty of CEM. My decision to study at DMU was influenced largely by DMU's progressive position on issues relating to Blacks, Asians, Minority Ethnic groups and its stance on Equality, Equity, Diversification and Inclusiveness. These areas which I am very passionate about, made DMU stand out for me.

While good progresses has being made by DMU towards attaining these goals such as 'Decolonizing DMU' initiative. There are nonetheless, more milestones to achieve. 

Hence I am running for the Equality and Diversity Executive Position to achieve the following:
-To promote and facilitate transparent friendly conversations on EDI/BAME related matters between students and staff of DMU in a manner that brings about more awareness to these issues and grows our collective potential as a community.

-To work with other executive officers, students and staff to deploy initiatives which have worked for us within DMU onto the wider community of Leicester. Because, for DMU to truly achieve the benefits of EDI/BAME goals and become a beacon of hope, we must device sustainable means to share our success stories with the wider community.

-To listen to and work with BAME as well as other International Students on new and existing challenges that they face and jointly finding best solutions for them with all stakeholders.

-To work towards an improvement in the diversity of DMU's workforce along gender and racial integration lines. So as to ensure a DMU for everyone, with a rich blend that provides a sense of belonging to all DMU students.

I have several years experience working with people in private and public domain. This will help build the required alliances and relationships necessary to achieve our goals.

Lets do this together!