Candidate for the position of Student Opportunities and Engagement Full Time Executive

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Ebitimi Imomotebegha


I’m Ebitimi Imomotebegha and I am running for the position of Student Opportunities and Engagement Executive.

A little bit about myself, I am Nigerian, I am currently in my second year studying Business Management and Economics, I am an omnivert and I am your current International student representative.

Throughout my time at De Montfort University, I have been involved in the student community and leadership at various levels, such as course Representative, Volunteering for the University and the Leicester community and more.

I’ve spent time as your part-time International Representative, where I have joined in on campaigns such as No Space For Hate, Say it Right, Why I Volunteer and more. In addition to other events I have hosted so far, I also launched a podcast called comrades in diaspora for international students which I co-host to discuss and share University experiences  as a Student.

My main goal for this role is to increase student engagement and opportunities as well as provide and sustain their accessibility to these opportunities.

To achieve this, I plan to

·       Promoting Inclusivity by providing more and better interactive Opportunities. I aim to work with the liberation officers to host the various all-inclusive event and specific events that target each group .ie Events for LGBTQ+ International students.

·       Provide better support to student groups by working closely with the rest of the SU, to maximise their activities, performance and experience. e.g monthly collaborative meeting with Group leaders.

·       Improve Support for students. I believe it is important for students who don’t engage with SU to be supported e.g. monthly 1-3 questions survey on their mood, academics, and feelings. Also, by creating more recognition award for already active students

·       Amplify Students Opinions and Concerns

It’s YOUR voice, I want to make sure it’s heard!