Candidate for the position of Equality and Diversity Full Time Executive

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Puja Subramanian

Hi there!! I am Puja, studying BA International Business at DMU! I have been studying at DMU for the past FOUR years and successfully completed a placement year after my second year of studies. I have been elected as the Course Rep during the 2nd & 3rd year of studies and elected as ‘Zone Representative 2021’ at DSU. I strongly believe that Equality is important at DMU to exchange ideas, ensure fairness in encouraging all talents, creativity to avoid discrimination or prejudices of any sort. I will pay equal attention to all themes such as Gender, Age, Sexual-orientation, religion, race, marital status,

If elected, I will


  • On the Attainment gap amongst various ethnic diverse students at DMU struggling both inside and outside of the academics.
  • Against excessive and unfair tuition fees obtained from students who were forced to study online this year. I will work with other full-time officers at DSU to create a campaign that will give necessary refunds to ALL the students of DMU. I will ensure equality on refunds on fees to international students who normally pay extra than the local students.


  • Campus and faculty-based jobs for local and international students
  • EQUAL allowances of funds for all the disabled students irrespective of their nationalities, ethnic backgrounds,
  • Dedicated free legal advice center for those facing difficulties in seeking appropriate free legal advice on any field of concern
  • Extra bursaries for DMU global trips (post-covid) so that many students can participate



  • Events on Culturally specific festivals on campus to highlight the diversity at DMU
  • Insightful events on campus by inviting industry-leading guest speakers to spread awareness on Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion.
  • Insight day-trips to organizations that indulge in Equality and Diversity at Workplace so that students can learn the significance of the same.