Candidate for the position of Women’s Part-Time Officer

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Wiktoria Pulka

Hello! My name is Wiktoria. I am currently a third year law student, and I will go on to do my LPC at DMU next year. Although times are uncertain and scary at the moment, I firmly believe that we can still make some important changes and impacts as students. After all, we are the future.

All women need to be fairly and equally represented in society – doing so at University is our contribution to change. University has the means to implement and promote Women’s campaigns and events raising awareness to important subjects such as gender equality and the pay gap, and I want to be there to govern those important meetings where decisions are made about us – this is all of women, be it trans-women, LGBTQ+ women, or women of colour. With so much unfairness in society, the women’s campaign will be better, and we will honour all members and their unique experiences and needs.

I would like to bring more topics into discussion and listen to your needs or worries – this can be absolutely anything; counselling services, women’s only gym, self-defence course, seminars on female specific issues that the whole public should be aware of such as recognising different experiences, and most importantly, fears. I am under the belief that not a single person should feel disadvantaged, especially not at university where we are just starting out in society and we aim to make our impact. I want to hear everything, starting from scratch – no presumptions or guesses will be made about what we ‘think’ women need – their opinions will come directly from them! I wish to engage with all of you, and I hope together we can get out of our comfort zones and confront our problems!