Candidate for the position of International Students' Part-Time Officer

Olagunju Adeniyi Moses

My name is Olagunju Adeniyi Moses, Studying Computing and I am in year two (Level 5). I am running for the post of international student part time officer. I am an international student and haven completed my foundation year in DMUIC and further progressing to the main campus to continue my degree, I am very positive that I have a lot of experience of what it means to be an international and the challenges involved. I have also developed vast understanding of what it means to be an intentional student especially for those coming from a non-English speaking country. Additionally, why running for this position, I am confident that my experience as student ambassador with DMUIC which has given first hand opportunity to interact with international will be a great assert in making key decision if I am elected to be an international student officer.

If elected as international student officer, I will:

  • Do my best to support the University international student especially in the area of integration into the Local community.
  • Represent the international student population.
  • Attend university key committee that is related to international student.
  • Work with other officers to support and lend my voice to speak for the student community.
  • Lend my advice of various issues to fellow student especially is area of accommodation.  

Although running for this role, I know the interest of local student is important as well and I will work hard to make sure that my position will foster union between the home and international students. Finally, I will stand in solidarity with the student union officers in raising awareness to improve better student and campus life