Candidate for the position of Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic (BAME) Part-Time Officer

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Maryam Haque

My name is Maryam Haque, I am a second-year student studying Health and Wellbeing in Society and I am standing to be your next BAME officer. I intend to create change and create more opportunities for students from all racial backgrounds. My previous role as course representative has shown my ability to interact and listen to students, I am an approachable and friendly person, and I will be willing to listen even if you just need someone to talk to. Being from an ethnic minority background makes me proud and I want all students to feel the same about their background. I can confidently say DMU is a university in which all ethnicities and cultures are embraced but there is always room for improvement and in this position, I feel that I could make a positive difference. As a BAME officer I would like to be the voice of students from different backgrounds and to focus my attention on all BAME students at DMU and how they can be best supported and engaged with the university and the student’s union. 

If elected for the BAME officer role I aim too:

  • Offer additional support to ethnic minority groups on a bigger platform where they would surely be heard. 
  • Grow student involvement and bring students together for all nationalities within BAME by celebrating religious and cultural holidays and offering days to celebrate different music, foods and cultural differences. This will create opportunities for students to get to know and experience other cultures and bring appreciation and awareness of differences between students.
  • Hold regular meetings where students can express any concerns or needs that they may have whilst at university, and with every demand that is placed on me I will ensure that the needs of the students are being met.