Candidate for the position of International Students' Part-Time Officer

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Leonardo Venturi

Hi everyone!

My name is Leonardo (He/him) and I'm a 21-year old Italian student, currently in my second year of Performing Arts at DMU. I'm creative and outgoing, I love travelling and connecting with cultures worldwide. I also like to describe myself as an irrational-free thinker, that's why I can't fit in one artistic practice. Streams of consciousness and people's stories fascinate me and I can't live my days without creating new experiences for my self and for everyone around me.  

Being an international student myself and also a course rep, I deeply understand key difficulties that students might face during their university life, in particular achieving social inclusion in their own faculties. I’m interested in this role because I’ve always been working towards providing the best educational experience for students willing to develop their life skills at DMU, making sure that they are heard and represented in terms of equality and diversity within our University environment. 

As your International Liberation Officer at DMU, my ambitions will be:

  • to support international students in every step of their university experience at DMU.

  • to strengthen our international students' community through social activities and, specifically, to improve our representation at DSU and DMU.

  • to make sure that DMU and the student community respect everyone’s cultural background. Every student must be feeling safe and represented in their own individualities. 

I firmly believe that a change is needed in our present-day to develop a more inclusive society, in which every human being is respected for the way they are and for who they want to be in the future. This willingness of improving ourselves together should start directly from our souls, wherever we are, in shaping a new equal world that is progressively and continuously changing in front of our eyes.