Candidate for the position of Postgraduate Students' Part-Time Officer

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Rajeshwari Rajput

I am international student currently pursuing Masters in ISR. These times have been proving to be very difficult to go through and students are struggling to keep up. Though there have been quite a few positive policies introduced, I have come across many students who have serious problems regarding their finances, timetables, events, and most importantly placement and global learning opportunities. These cannot be overlooked and need to be addressed immediately.  I have spent my undergraduate years being the Head of the student community, where we encouraged engagement of the students with professional, academic and welfare groups. Having a chance to represent postgrad students would a great opportunity to put forward the concerns and ensure progress within the level.


  • Host a range of events (networking events, socials, and conferences) targeting students at all stages of the postgrad journey; events where postgraduate students can meet up with each other, experts and professionals in the industry to establish new relationships. These will be exclusively arranged without clashing them with the lecture timings and make sure that most of the students attend it.
  • Find ways to support postgraduate students in their academic development while looking to expand the resources to do so.
  • Create an open communication channel between the students and the academic body, providing adequate representation for postgraduate students.
  • Co-operate with other course representatives to improve the academic experience for postgraduate students.
  • Facilitate an energetic, social and supportive environment where the students have a real sense of identity and belonging.
  • Aim to represent all postgraduate voices, including international and part time students in an inclusive and meaningful way.
  • Review the provision and offer of the Students’ Union to all categories of postgraduate students and make recommendations to ensure the Students’ Union is accessible to postgraduates and relevant to their needs.