Candidate for the position of Academic Full Time Executive

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Kushla Letham


My name is Kushla Letham and I am currently a second-year student studying Media and Communication. Whilst being a university student I have become aware of the issues within our education, especially the lack of interaction and communication which is needed normally, but more so during this pandemic.

When I looked into the Academic Executive role, the responsibility that was very apparent was the understanding of DMU’s quality metrics. This included, but not limited to Course Level Feedback, Module Level Feedback, the National Student Survey, and supporting the University in enhancing the student experience. While these are challenging times for everybody, I feel that these, whilst given can be further improved.

My observations of these issues are apparent through being involved in a course group chat, where there are regular grievances on the lack of feedback and interaction from tutors. Whilst efforts are made to gain the required responses, it is still not of the quality needed to improve work going forward. This is the issue I would develop, implement, and revise in our university for a better “uni life”. Due to the lack of physical interaction, it is even more important to network intensely to hear the student voice.

I have previously worked in customer relations, and in doing so I was able to show my diplomatic and pragmatic skills through customer problem solving. My approachability was highlighted when I received the award for ‘best person to come to for advice’ in sixth form college. I will therefore be competent and willing to undertake student consultations on raised matters and be the bridge between the student and the faculty.

I believe I can bring these skills to the role of Academic Executive and I look forward to hearing from you in the near future.