Candidate for the position of Academic Full Time Executive

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Tom Powell


My name is Tom Powell. 

I am a final year Accounting and Finance student and I would love to be your Academic Representation Executive. 

Throughout my studies, I have past experience of working on academic support within the Student Union Voice team and for Leicester's NHS finance team in the midst of the ongoing pandemic. These experiences have allowed me to be a friendly face providing reassurance for all. I understand first-hand how times have changed the way students study and the support needed. Whether you want to chat, raise concerns or seek advice; I am running for this role to become an advocate for you. I would love to be your next friendly face!   



  • Campaign nationally to review course fees since the change in the way lectures are delivered. 
  • Raise more awareness for the student hardship fund and ensure enough funding is available. 
  • Rally to have more part-time employment by the university to help financially and increase experience. 


  • Arrange monthly timetable slots for students, in groups, to have a regular platform with personal tutors. 
  • Recognition and resource support for international, disadvantaged and joint honours students. 
  • Emphasise the influence of course reps introducing drop in sessions where they will be available at set times weekly to discuss your worries. 


  • Seek to bring about accredited extracurricular courses that allow you to acquire new skills enhancing employability. 
  • Increase the number of guest speakers and let students decide on and influence the speakers that come to the University. 
  • Highlight the importance of placements and seek to build relationships with local businesses where DMU students can go exclusively on work placements or internships. 


If you would like to discuss anything or raise any queries please contact me at: