Candidate for the position of Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic (BAME) Part-Time Officer

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Unzila Fayyaz

My Statement

Hi, I’m Unzila Fayyaz, a first-year business management and law student. I am running for the role of a BAME (Black and Minority Ethnic) Officer. As a Course Rep I help bridge the communication between staff and students to ensure both personal and academic issues are resolved efficiently.

My aim is to represent and be the voice of all BAME students within DMU. I am sure we can all agree that equality and diversity is paramount in every aspect of our lives whether that be in university or in full time employment.


If elected for the BAME role, I promise to:

Increasing awareness

  • I want to grow student involvement within BAME by celebrating religious and cultural holidays and offering days to celebrate different foods, music and cultural differences. This can be achieved by having regular talks and workshops by societies and specialist speakers.
  • Prioritising the education of Black History month and other historical events important to BME students via student forums.

Increasing engagement/participation

  • I aim to empower students by providing a forum where we can share ideas, experiences, information, and issues that are common for Black and Minority Ethnic students.

Ensure students are aware of BAME support mechanisms

  • I will work with the university to promote the health and wellbeing of BME students by raising awareness on important and more pressing health issues like mental health. I aim to have more minority led events to promote inclusion.


I have lots of ideas to share and am open for more. Feel free to email me anytime on