Candidate for the position of Academic Full Time Executive

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Fortune Igbokwe

My name is Fortune Igbokwe and I am running for the position of the academic executive; I am running for this position because I would like the opportunity to transform the student learning experience. As a current student of DMU, I understand the needs and struggles students are currently facing and as the course rep for Accounting and Finance Msc, I understand the responsibility and the duties required for me to fulfil the expectations of my position therefore I am running for this position because I believe I can bring in a clearer, broader and more student focused perspective into the decision-making process on student academics. If I am elected, I will work to represent all student interest and will bring forth strategies that will further aid your learning experience. I will also work hard to represent the student voice and push forward policies that will help remove obstacles and hardships faced by students in their academics; I will work hand in hand with individual course reps to ensure every opinion is accounted for because I believe that every student matters and there is still more room for improvement within DMU academic system.