Candidate for the position of Academic Full Time Executive

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Ruby Rawles

Hello everyone, I'm Ruby! I'm a third year Biomedical Science student and I would love to be your next Academic Exec. If I were to be elected for this role my main priority would be YOU! I know first hand how tough uni feels, it can be overwhelming and I often found myself struggling to juggle all my responsibilities, that is why my priority will be to support you and represent you at all levels within the Union and the University. I want to make your life as easy and stress free as possible, by ensuring you have: 

  • no major deadlines on the same day or on consecutive days; 
  • getting you personalised feedback on your exams and assesments to ensure you are always improving; 
  • ensuring lectures and seminar summary sheets are available to you early on for revision; 
  • working with the library to imporve your overall experience and set up group revision sessions. 

My door will ALWAYS be open to you, and I will be there with a hot cuppa and open ears to listen to your concerns, thoughts and's all about you. I pledge to work alongside the the Student Voice to initiate new policies and lead campaigns which implement positive changes for you and your peers across all faculties. As a founding member of the Biomedical Science Society, I have had first hand experience in setting up a new society and in my role as Academic Exec, I will encourage all courses, to start new societies because I believe these societies are ideal networks to support eachother! We have brilliant community at the DMUSU, we are a huge extended family- my only wish is to build upon this and ensure all students feel they are being represented fairly and that their voices are being heard!