Candidate for the position of International Students' Part-Time Officer

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Sif Boudouh

Hi, my name is Sif Eddine Boudouh. I am running for the position of international student officer because I want to be the reason of helping international students to feel at home so they can acknowledge all the information, responsibilities, events and opportunities.

I have experience in term of working as a team with many international co-workers as well as individual because of the previous jobs role I had in the past years. I am a punctual and well-organized person who is a will to deliver the tasks in the best way possible and also open to learning more skills that can benefit me and my environment for a more comfortable life. I can work under pressure and also I have the chance to speak fluently three efficient languages such as French, Arabic and English. I believe these make me an ideal candidate that can communicate effectively.

If elected, I would aim for:

Objective 1: Ensure students ideas are taken forward and actioned wherever possible.

Objective 2: Support activities such as open days, Freshers events and other official events run by the student union.

Objective3: Regularly obtain feedback from students via GOATING (go out and talk) sessions and present feedback to ensure that I accurately reflect the needs and wants of students or members.

Objective 4: Campaign on issues that affect international student and provide support if possible.

I think these aims will have a positive impact if I can deliver all my tasks professionally and responsibly so I can be able to help as many students to be on the right track and to have more knowledge.

Thank you for reading my manifesto, and feel free to get in contact with me to ask me any questions about my ideas by contacting me at:

Phone: +447851961908