Candidate for the position of Student Opportunities and Engagement Full Time Executive

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Cameron Lalor

Hi there,

I am a 3rd year student currently finishing my Degree for Product Design BA.

Many of us have felt the harsh turmoil of what a pandemic can do not only to our education but our personal wellbeing. Many of you have been frustrated over things like workshop access, face to face learning and being represented as a whole.

The reason I have decided to go for this role is because I genuinely feel every student deserves their best. When you come to university you don’t just commit to a subject, you commit to a way of life, a community and being apart of an experience for self-improvement.  Whether its leaving home for the first time or finding yourself a career you can be passionate about. That same dedication should be replicated by your university.

In order to bring Opportunities and Engagement to students’ conversation is the heart of all progress. I am a very understanding person; I have dealt with the struggles of mental health and have a learning disability. I sympathise with how hard it can be to adjust. I started university at 23 having done full time jobs thinking I was more than ready for university….oh how wrong I was.

1st year was beyond a struggle and if it were not for the opportunities and support given to me in those months of difficulty, I probably would have quit it all there and then. Now finishing my 3rd year I understand how far I have come as a person and as a professional and I would like to be able to give that same feeling of satisfaction to you.


If you vote for me It will not be a wasted vote.


Thank you for reading and have a nice day