Candidate for the position of Union Development Full Time Executive

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Joanna Dine-Hart

Hi, lovelies!

I'm Joanna Dine-Hart your current Union Development Executive and this is why you should vote for me to continue my role:  

I have already:  

  • Improved awareness of sustainability and ran monthly events online

  • Obtained sustainable period products within the Union

  • Helped implement sign language training 

  • Worked on campaigns and events to improve engagement and mental health support

I am currently: 

  • Always fighting for your voices to be heard. I constantly bring up your concerns in meetings and lobby the university to do better

  • Fighting for rent refunds and ensuring the Students’ Union represents you

  • Working on getting free sanitary products campus-wide

  • Improved communication 

  • Encouraging sustainability

I will implement these projects: 

Sustainable DSU:

  1. If we're back on campus, hold themed events around different aspects of sustainability; clothing swaps, women empowerment events and reducing our carbon footprint.

  2. If online I will continue creating videos, tips and newsletters and engage with you to ensure our campus is always progressing towards becoming more sustainable

By students, for students:

  1. Create an integrated approach for developing the Union and University. Instead of asking external companies to record videos, create artwork or plan events, I plan to use you - our talented students. Creating a more connected and student-led campus giving you the chance to enhance your skills

  2. If online, ask students to showcase their work, highlighting your skills and pushing for employment opportunities.

Your Union:

  1. Make the SU about students again. Linked to the above, ask for your ideas, have you host events and even decorate the SU so it’s student-friendly

  2. Online or offline this is your Union and I will strive to make sure of that by listening and involving you in the development of DSU


So… Vote Dine-Hart because people don’t mishear my name as Die Hard for nothing