Candidate for the position of Student Opportunities and Engagement Full Time Executive

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Kingsley Kanu

My name is Kingsley Kanu. i am a post graduate student studying mechatronics. I am passionate about bringing change and helping each student reach their peak.

work experience and even the smallest activities done as a student, plays a significant role in skill development.My first impression of students in Dmu was; a larger population of students are unaware of opportunities available to them for career building. Many, have had difficulties trying to secure a placement while some are struggling as they have no one to guide them on their path.Many student also feel left out and forgotten most especially international student and freshers.




I am currently a member of Dmu mentoring scheme and have access to industry mentors who are keen in helping student. Having learnt much from these mentors I want to help every student by offering advice In  career development. 

Organising event when its possible, where student can seek help from industry professionals.

Supporting Second year student seeking placement and final year student with helpful advice to assist in building confidence to market themselves to the outside world.


I have previous worked in marketing in a travel and tourism company.

If voted into office, I intend to reach out to business/organisations on student behalf for them to accept students of dmu to gain work experience. Offering unpaid training and preparing students for the future. I would organise a rota system where by a good number of student can benefit from it.


I would engage with student at all level to plan new methods to promote and explore all opportunities available to students.


Vote me as your Opportunities and Engagement executive lets make these changes together.