Candidate for the position of Student Opportunities and Engagement Full Time Executive

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Aashni Sawjani

I moved to study at DMU from Kenya, with a Canadian high school education, Indian Heritage, and confused accent. 

7 years, 3 degrees later, for some I am the girl in the orange hoodie from DMU Bollywood Dance, DSU unsung hero of the year.  For others, the girl on the Vijay patel screen, DMU Instagram or that face in your emails from Uni.

But going forward, I want all of you to know me as YOUR student union officer.

I have seen 4 different offices change in my time. I have celebrated their successes and learnt from their failures. I have sat on both sides of the table, as student and committee member - this is why I believe I am the best person, today for this position.

If elected I aim to not just bring back the fun times (Gov guidelines permitting) but also to prioritise and bring to the frontline mental health

I plan to try:

1. Increase funding by finding new sponsorship opportunities- bring back ‘society of the week’ prizes.

2. Increase engagement- personally attending different society sessions weekly and using my platforms to advertise them. 

3. Bring back society performance showcase.

4. Introduce means through events/ roundtables to bridge gaps between all societies

5. Campaign for mental health training to be provided for all committee PLUS societies members

I cannot promise a dance studio or sports societies having more budget
What I can promise is- to try

I have sat beside you all for 7 years
As a student, society leader, a random face.
You have ploughed through a year of uncertainty with faith and belief, I ask you to give me a morsel of that and let me be your voice 

My name is Aashni Sawjani
this, is my manifesto
Thank you for reading.