Candidate for the position of NUS Delegates

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Nusrat Nadir




Hello, I am Nusrat Nadir, a first-year Ph. D Nursing student in Health and Life Sciences. I am a passionate student who always loves volunteering, and particularly to improve students' life experiences during their grad and post-grad studies. I decided to run for elections for the NUS Representative because I have the skills to represent student’s voices on a national level by collaborating with the Students’ Union.



Volunteering; Travelling; Hiking; Sports.



  • Academic: Course-related academic skills support.
  • Pandemic crisis management: Through social media platforms I will help students how to live with the current global pandemic by actively involving them in campaigns and events.
  • Finance: I will collaborate with the officials to arrange funds for PGR students who need to pay their daily living and academic costs.
  • Equality and diversity: I will work closely with equality and diversity executive to integrating cross-cultural activities, and ensure equality and diversity for home and international students.
  • Speak up: I will ensure that student voices will be heard at the national level
  • Wellbeing: Drop-in sessions for Ph. D students about stress management, and overall wellbeing by engaging students with postgraduate students’ support mechanisms.



  • I worked as a sports officer during my undergraduate studies.
  • I worked as a volunteer guide in natural disaster management and rescue operations.
  • Being a professional nurse, I have expertise in basic life support and advanced life support.
  • Having my master's degree from three different countries (Portugal, Spain, and the United Kingdom), I have exposure to different cultures, thus I have pluralistic views about accepting different cultures, backgrounds, religious beliefs, and I believe in humanity, diversity, and pluralism.



Thanks for considering me as your new NUS representative!