How to Vote

It's very easy to get lost and overwhelmed by the unecessary complicated voting system we have to use, so to make things easier and to help your experience go as smoothly as possible we've put together this handy guide on how to vote.

Step 1

Go to the home page of your dedicated elections microsite

Step 2

Click "Vote Now!"

click the vote now button

Step 3

Click the blue button to log in and complete the DMU log in process

click the blue log in button
complete the dmu log in

Step 4

When you're ready to start voting, click "Start Voting"

click the large green start voting button to begin the voting process

Step 5

You will be presented with the candidates you are eligible to vote for. Each post will be accessible through a dropdown below the candidates for the post you are currently viewing. Here you can select your candidates in order of preference.

voting terminology explained

*tip* - We run a proportional representation system, so stating your preference order of which candidates you'd like to elect can go a long way into helping you see the right candidate take the post.

Step 6

When you have selected the candidates you wish to vote for then click "Cast Vote". Click "OK" on the pop-up to confirm your voting choices.

select your candidates in preference order and click cast vote

Step 7

Make sure your vote has gone through. You should see a confirmation message "Thank you - You have voted for the following positions" followed by the list of the posts you have voted for.


You have just played your part in deciding the future of the students' union and how your voice will be represented and have been entered into the prize draw.

Winners will receive a confirmation to their email address so keep an eye out. (don't forget to check your junk folder)