DSU Celebrates Award Nominations

As part of DSU Celebrates: A Night at the Casino, taking place on Friday 24 May, we are holding an awards evening. For these awards you have the opportunity to nominate your winners of 9 highly prized awards. Click here for the full list of award categories.

Nominations for awards open Friday 3 May and close Friday 10 May at 5pm. 


The full award categories are as follows;

  • Most Improved Student Group;
    This award is for the student group who you feel has come a long way since last year.  Whether that be by improving engagement, hosting better events or making a bigger difference on campus. If you feel a student group has taken a great leap forward for their members and should be recognised for it, then this is the award for them!
  • Volunteer of the Year;
    Do you know someone who spends so much of their time volunteering that you wonder how they fit it all in? This award is for that individual that gives so much back to the local community that they need some recognition for doing so!
  • Raise and Give (RAG) Award;
    Every year the union helps co-ordinate RAG (Raising and Giving) where we commit to raising money for specific charities - with the help from students groups and individuals from across campus. Do you know of a student group or individual that went over and above to raise money for these causes? If so, nominate them for this award!
  • Cultural and Faith Group of the Year;
    This award is for a cultural and faith group who have been amazing at forwarding inclusivity within the union and hosting events that really celebrate the variety of cultures we have here at DMU. Whilst also being a group that has initiated collaboration with others and been a gold standard of championing diversity.   
  • Course Rep of the Year;
    This award is for a Course Rep that has gone over and above to make positive change for you on your course, and represent your academic interests. Whether that be changing a deadline, ensuring you have enough lecture time or just generally raising your feedback to your lecturers - all of these qualities ensure that your experience is the best it can be.
  • Best New Group;
    Are you part of, or know of, a new student group that has had a really great first year? This group would have really engaged their core group by hosting various events and filling a gap in student activity that was not previously done. This new group is one to look out for in the future as a high standard for student groups at DSU.   
  • Society of the Year;
    For a society that has non-stop activity of which anyone can be involved, and has created an exceptional student experience. This group will have ran various events and projects that have increased participation or fundraising for local groups, resulting in becoming a society that is of the highest standard at DSU.
  • Sports Club of the Year;
    For a club which has demonstrated excellence both on and off the pitch by coordinating teamwork and getting involved with extra campaigns such as Mandala and DMU Active to ensure they can be as inclusive as possible. This club will have created a great sporting experience, which would include both performance and participation, to become a gold standard at DSU.
  • and DSU Personality of the Year.
    For the individual who is always there, always involved and always engaged. For the individual who brings a spark to DSU that you would obviously miss if they weren't there. This award is for the individual who has helped make everyone’s experience at DMU the best it can be, and someone who is so memorable they just can’t not be nominated for this award!