Collective Action

What is Collective Action?

Collective Action is a scheme that provides the opportunity for students of all faiths, cultures and backgrounds to come together and serve the community while making campus a more inclusive space.

The launch

The scheme was launched in April 2018 with a networking lunch in partnership with De Montfort University and St Phillips Centre. The primary aim of this scheme is to facilitate student projects, campaigns, events and initiatives that promote inclusion and celebrate diversity on campus.

How it works:

The Collective Action scheme aims to provide students with the leadership and ownership of their own initiatives while providing the support required to carry them out.

Step 1: If you have an idea let us know by filling out the form here. 

Step 2: The details you provide will be presented to the Collective Action steer group who will then work on sourcing the support you need.

Step 3: A meeting will be arranged to plan out your idea in more detail and finalise the support you require.

Step 4: Launch your project or event!


Do you have a new initiative that will promote inclusion on campus?

If you would like to launch a new project, event or initiative then please give us some more details on how we can support you in leading your project below:


P Number: 

Society memberships (if any):

Project/Event idea:

Please attach your plan including budgets, catering, venue choice and event theme: 

How will your initiative promote inclusion and celebrate diversity on campus?

When do you plan to launch this project?

What support will you require from Collective Action? 




Logistical bookings  

Society collaboration  

Guest Speaker  

Please specify any other support you would like from Collective Action 


Want to get involved in current initiatives?
If you would like to volunteer at any of the upcoming events or be part of the Collective Action steer group please email