DSU Pen Pals

We live in the most connected time in history yet we all can find ourselves feeling a bit lonely, even at the best of times.

Here at De Montfort Students’ Union (DSU), we are here to support you with any issues you may be facing. Living in the current situation, we've been told that isolation and loneliness have become two of the biggest issues facing students. This has driven us to launch ‘DSU Pen Pals’, a scheme that aims to help students find more ways of connecting and forge friendships

Although we’re facing this challenge together, we’re all in very different situations. Some of us surrounded by friends and family, some of us stuck inside a studio flat. So, it’s important to remember that being lonely is determined by how you feel, not whether or not you’re surrounded by people.

Sign up below to be matched with another DMU student, find out about their interests, learn about their culture or experiences and share your own.

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No matter your situation, if you’re struggling or even if you’re feeling great, connect with a PenPal today and meet someone new.


If you would like to know more, or you haven't been connected to a Pen Pal within 14 days of submission, then please contact your executives on dsuexec@dmu.ac.uk