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Student Led Period Poverty Project


DSU Volunteering Opportunities Frontrunner Becky Hilditch is leading a period poverty project and are looking for student volunteers to join. 

About the project

Period poverty can affect anybody, at any point in their lives. It is the aim of this student led group to help eradicate period poverty, by starting on De Montfort campus and expanding to the wider community of Leicester. Students are vulnerable to period poverty for a number of reasons. Tight student budgets being the main cause. We should not have to choose between necessities.

Leicester is one of the top five worst cities in the UK when it comes to period poverty. An estimated 35% of people in Leicester and living with period poverty. That is one in three womxn in our lecture halls who are using makeshift sanitary products, using sanitary products longer than they should or missing lectures entirely. This is according to a Leicester mercury article published in February 2019.


Our aims

To find a solution to this issue and raise awareness, we aim to complete the following.

  1. Create a student group whose main focus is to eradicate period poverty

  2.  A survey in February 2020. This survey will be based around period poverty. To do this we will need volunteers to assist in the completion of these anonymous surveys. The data collected will help us to evidence this issue on campus. We can then start a conversation with De Montfort, and find our way to a solution that works.

  3. To hold an event and take donations for a local charity called ‘the Y’- who support homeless/vulnerable adults and youth, providing them with sanitary products at no charge to all who live in their shelters - we aim to do this towards the beginning of March 2020.

Join us

If you believe that people with ovaries should not be at such a huge disadvantage to their counterparts, join this student group and show your support.  Our voices will be heard.

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