Your Opportunities

Creating A Student-Focused Voluntering Opportunitiy Ad

Addressing the details that students may be most interested in, can help you improve the visibility of your opportunity on the page. So what details are students looking for?

  • Times & Dates – ensure your opportunity states times and dates when students would be expected to volunteer. If it is flexible, ensure to mention this too!

  • Key skills – volunteering can be a great way to learn additional skills. Students are aware of that and will be looking at skills that each opportunity can offer. You can do so by simply selecting skills that your opportunity will develop. This will allow our student volunteers to easily track their progress not only while volunteering with your organisation but also throughout their degree. You can find more details on this below:

  • Short description of what will the activity entail. Letting know students what to expect from the opportunity will reduce anxiety of the unknown.

  • Links – include links if you more details are available on your organisation’s page.

Helping students to reflect on their experiences

Students Volunteering through DSU brokerage are able to log their volunteering hours to receive HEAR accredited DSU Volunteer Award. This year as part the award students will be asked to complete a short reflection questionnaire. You can support students volunteering with you by not only encouraging to complete this, but also allowing a time for students to assess their experience with you. The questions may be focused around:

  • Experience with your organisation,
  • Reflection on projects tasks/completed,
  • Reviewing training and development opportunities taken,
  • Reviewing skills gained.


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