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Media as you make it


Demon Media is DMU’s award-winning student media group which has been running for over twenty years! We have three strands for you to get involved in, which between them cover television, radio, print and online media.

We have loads of opportunities both in the spotlight and behind the scenes. Whether you want to act in your own sitcom, try your hand at journalism, present your own radio show, write, produce or direct a tv show, or get involved as a member of the crew, Demon has something for everyone.

Demon Media is a fantastic chance for you to learn new skills in broadcasting and media and meet some amazing people along the way. Come and join us!


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What you get as a member

Your Demon Media membership is just £10, lasts the whole academic year and entitles you to many fantastic opportunities including;

  • membership of all three strands of Demon Media: DemonFM, Demon TV and The Demon Magazine;
  • access to state-of-the-art Demon Media equipment and training;
  • ability to get involved in any Demon project, from filming a TV show, to designing a magazine column, to producing your dream radio show;
  • join Demon Media's regular socials and relaxed events!


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