Committee Elections

Every single one of our Societies and Sport Clubs are led by an elected committee of students.

The time has arrived to choose your groups' voluntary committees for the next academic year!

Society and Sport Club Committee Elections 2022/23 No elections are currently running

How do the online elections work?

All Student Group committees are selected through elections, hosted online by DSU. There are two main parts to an online election: a nominations period and a voting period.

Nominations Period (Now Closed)
This is the time when students can apply for a role on the committee. The application should include an explanation of why they want to be a committee member, why they would be good in the role and what they would like to achieve in the year ahead if they were successfully chosen; this explanation is known as a manifesto.

Voting Period
Once nominations are closed, the list of the students who have applied is shared online and via email. The members of the group are each invited to cast an anonymous vote online, for the students they think would be best in the roles. The students with the most votes are elected onto the committee.

The new committee are invited to attend Skills Fest, a day of training and skill development to help them prepare for their roles. This event takes place on Thursday 12th May 2022. After this, the current committee will hand over any important information and top tips to the new committee, ready for them to take on their committee roles from 1st June.

Key Dates

  • Apply for a Committee Role | Monday 28th March – Monday 18th April
  • Vote to Choose Your Committee | Thursday 21st March – Thursday 28th April
  • Results Announced | Results will be emailed to all members as soon as they're processed by our external provider, this may take several days due to the Bank Holiday