Alcohol Guidance

All society events must be inclusive and accessible to all. As DSU is a charity, we are regulated by Charity Law and it is crucial that all activities organised align with aims and goals of your group and De Montfort Students’ Union. 

We strongly advise you to consider alternatives to alcohol-centric events to ensure as many of your members as possible can participate. For example, if you are organising a social choose a place with good food options; ensure that there are enough activities for members that do not drink to get involved. 

Event Checks

We recognise that your group may wish to organise events where alcohol is available. To be able to use your self-funding account to cover the costs for any events involving alcohol they need to meet the following requirements:  

  • The alcohol at the event is provided as part of catering service by a provider that meets Alcohol Licencing Requirements i.e. your group ball; end of year dinner. It is against the law to provide alcohol at events at a venue with no alcohol licence. 

  • Non-alcoholic drinks must also be provided at the event;   

  • Your group must consult with your Student Opportunities Coordinator before planning an event including alcohol.

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