Golden Ticket Fund

Your Golden Ticket Fund is to support student groups with running and hosting events in the Students’ Union Building.  From the success of last year, the Golden Ticket fund has been increased to £20,000 for 2019/20.

Each student group will be eligible to bid for support in funding one event to be held in the Students’ Union. We welcome applications for all different types of events. The applications can be submitted at any point throughout the academic year and will then be assessed by the Executive Committee. Each student group can only have one successful bid per year. Once the money is gone, it's gone.

The support we will offer is;

  • The cost of the function rooms hire.
  • Support to execute event logistics throughout the process by staff within the union.
  • Note: Some costs of running the event might sit outside of this funds remit and will need to be funded from student groups own self-funding. The cover of other costs will be subject to the nature of event and the discretion of the executive committee.

Please complete this submission form with as much information as possible to apply for the Golden Ticket Fund...



Student Group

Event Description

Please outline the benefit this event would have for your members

What is the date of the event

What are the number of attendees you are expecting for the event?

With the event be ticketed?

Will this event be open to the public?

Please specify any technical requirements you have.

Will you be bringing in any external businesses (including speakers or artist)? If yes, please specify.

Thank you for your proposal, we will get back to you shortly. If you have any questions or queries, please email