Development Fund

The Development Fund exists to provide financial support for you to improve your Student Group. Each application is taken to the Opportunities Zone to be approved by your elected Reps. The next Zone meetings are scheduled to be on: 

  • 25th November 2021

  • 13th January 2022

  • 24th March 2022

  • 28th April 2022

Please note that these dates may change slightly to reflect the Zone members' availability.

Development Fund Request

Student Group

Your Name

Your P Number

Your Committee Role

Name of Project/Event/Equipment

Description of Project/Event/Equipment

Date(s) of the project/ event/ when the equipment is required

How will this project/event/equipment develop your student group?

Please give details of who will benefit from this project/ event/ equipment.

Estimated number of attendees/ beneficiaries

Total cost of the project/ event/ equipment

Please provide a budget breakdown for the project/ event/ equipment

Please provide details of all forms of income for this project/ event/ equipment

Total amount requested from development fund