Room Bookings

Book rooms for your student group here!



Due to the Corona Virus pandemic, room bookings for Student Groups are currently suspended. When university re opens, new guidance will be issued in regards to room bookings in line with social distancing. 

If you have any question regarding this contact


Room Booking Checklist 

  1. Book your rooms/Venue

  2. Complete an External Guest form if you have a guest speaker. Read the policy here.

  3. Complete a Risk Assessment 

  4. Complete an Out of Hours form once the room is confirmed

  5. Check out this document if your event involves alcohol.

  6. Complete Technical Request Form if you require any sound equipment and or staging for your event.


As a student group, you can book a room on campus. Just submit the relevant form below and if the room is free we will be able to get it booked for. 

 To process a room booking form we need to 2 weeks. Any room booking form submitted after this will not be processed.