Out of Hours

Out of hours room use


What counts as Out of Hours?

Out of hours is if you are using a room

  • Beyond 21:00 Monday to Friday (Term Time)

  • Beyond 19:00 Monday to Friday (Non Term Time)

  • Any time on the Weekend 

Which buildings can accomodate Out of Hours bookings?

Only select areas are able to accomodate Out of Hours booking. There areas are 

Campus Centre Building 

The Breathing Space, Portland 

The Watershed

If your meeting or event requires the use of another building, please email activities@dmu.ac.uk with details of your event (date, time, external guests etc), facilities required and an outline as why the available areas are not suitable. These requests will be discuss with the CEO of the Students Union and University. 

When and Where to submit an Out of Hours Form?

An Out of Hours form must be complete after the room has been confirmed and at least 3 days before the event. This is to ensure that the Security Team are able to assign shifts to their staff. Once the form has been complete email it to activities@dmu.ac.uk where it will be authorised by a staff member and submitted to the Security Team. The sooner a form is completed and after room confirmation, the better. 

Do we need a First Aider? 

Yes. On this form, you must give full details of your event and name a first aid qualified individual who will be providing first aid support. If you cannot provide a first aider you will have to pay a concierge charge which ranges from £24 an hour to £32 hour. So ensure you Health and Safety Officer is first aid trained and able to attend any out of hours event.


Click here to download the Out of Hours Room Use form.