External Guests

External Guest 

This form is for all student groups who have external guests attending their events or activities on and off-campus.

It should be completed a minimum of 15 working days in advance of the event or activity. Where more than one guest will be present at an event or activity, please complete one form per guest. If you are having the same guest visiting on multiple occasions throughout the academic year, please state all dates in advance. External guests that are likely to create controversies and offense require 30 working days to go through our processes. If you know that the guest is controversial please allow at least 30 working days, so we can work with you to support the guest visiting campus.

The students' union and university reserve the right to be informed of all visiting guests. In allowing such guests, consideration will be given to; any safety issues; the topic being discussed; the background of the guest; and the potential to disrupt the business or damage the good reputation of the students' union and university. Please ensure you provide as many details as possible when completing this form to ensure that the Activities team can support your events in the best possible way.

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By completing this form you have shown you have read and fully understand De Montfort Students' Union (DSU)'s External Guest Policy, which can be found here.

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