External Guests

Fill in this form if you have Non-DMU students attending your virtual activites/events if they are given a platform to express their opinions. For example if they are giving a talk, or leading a workshop.

The form should be submitted 2 weeks ahead of your event, although more notice is appreciated where possible. 

You only need to submit one form, per external speaker. If the same person will be attending more than once, you only need to submit one form but provide the exact dates that they will be attending.

If you are aware that your External Speaker may be considered as controversial, please allow at least 20 working days, so we can work with you further on this event.

The Students' Union and University reserve the right to be informed of all visiting guest speakers. In allowing such guests, consideration will be given to; any safety issues; the topic being discussed; the background of the guest; and the potential to disrupt the business or damage the good reputation of the Students' Union and University.