Meetings and Events

Get your members together (Virtually)!


Leading a student group is all about bringing students together - meetings and events can be a great way to do this. In this pandemic, people are as isolated as ever so running your activities is appreciated and valued.

We have written some Online Platform Guidance and Advice to help with running safe meetings online. 

Your Checklist for a successful online event: 

  1. Plan the event with your committee. Need help? Book a meeting with a member of the Activities Team to talk it through. 

  2.  Apply to the Development Fund if you need funding to run the event or activity.  

  3. Decide which online platform you are using. Don't have one? Get a free Zoom Account on us!

  4. Complete an External Guest form to have a guest speaker (yes, even if it is online!) 

  5. Start promoting your event by adding an event through your student group admin tools. We have put together a 'how to' guide to create an event online.

  6. Find out how you can get money for running an event with the Event Reward Scheme

  7. Enjoy! Tag @dsu_oande and @demontfortsu on Social media