Top Tips for Attending the Fair

  1. Go in with an Open Mind – You’re lucky that you’re enrolled at DMU as there are loads of fantastic student groups supported by the University and Students’ Union. Speak to them, find out what they do, and find the right group(s) for you.

  2. Check out all the groups attending first – click here to check who is attending and look at the site map to find out where they will be – this will make it easier so you know where you’re going.

  3. Plan Your Time – The fair is running 10am-4pm so make sure you plan your time wisely and give yourself a chance to come to the fair as part of your day.

  4. Ask Questions – The student leaders who run each group know their stuff – test them! If you have a question make sure you ask and remember there is no such thing as a silly question!

  5. Bring a bag – you will get more freebies than you can imagine. We recommend bringing a bag

  6. Keep a list of all the groups you want to join – You may want to join a lot of groups. We recommend circling

  7. Do not pay any groups directly – Don’t pay cash to any groups directly, if you want to pay on the day head to the DSU Info Hub to pay. Alternatively head to our website to pay.

  8. Don’t feel pressured to join (Give it a Go) – The day after the Activities Fair is the Societies Give it a Go day and the following two days after that is the Sports Taster Weekend. If you want to get a taste of the activity before handing over your money – give it a go!

  9. Use the DSU Information Hub – As well as being the place to purchase memberships, the DSU Information Hub is also the place for more questions (to Students’ Union Staff) and the place to buy your NUS Extra Card!

  10. Have Fun – You may be in your first week, this may be year two or three; we want you to enjoy the day. Find amazing groups, try new experiences, make new friends and have fun.

 Top Tips for Committee Members

Activities Fair is the biggest day of the year at DSU. We will have thousands of new students and returners coming round finding out about all the amazing things you do. Check out our top tips to ensure you have the best day and that students visiting get the most out of the day.

  1. Be Engaging – There is nothing worse than turning up to a fair and seeing a group just sitting behind a desk looking like they don’t want to be there. We don’t expect any of you to be doing that as we know how wonderful you are but if you do, it puts people off joining.
  2. Do not Take Cash! – This year groups are not allowed to take cash. All memberships will be sold online or on the day at the DSU Information Hub. We will have tills for members to pay and then they will have joined your group.
  3. Smile – Make sure you are smiling when you’re on the stalls.  Be friendly and approachable so people are more likely to spend their time talking to you.
  4. Decorations – We know what we’re saying is obvious, but the better your stall looks the more people will want to come up and talk to you. Make sure you’re stall says what you are about.
  5. Take interest lists on a laptop/tablet  – Some people will show an interest but not purchase membership on the day. If that’s the case make sure you get their email address so you don’t lose them. Written lists will take ages to type up and you will get loads of bounce back emails.
  6. The Location
  7. Of course the Activities Fair is taking place outside of the Hugh Aston Building this year in the prime location on campus as the building work steps up in other locations. This of course means we’re outside and will experience the weather – whatever it may bring! We’ve ran these events outside previously and any showers we’ve had in the past haven’t affected the day. Remember you’re under cover too. The good news is the weather is forecast to be good!
  8. Have your website prepared in advance – If you haven’t done so yet make your section of the DSU website look amazing. Get your logo on there, pictures, information, social media links and more. New students will be looking at your website so make sure it isn’t empty.
  9. Use Social Media – If your student groups posts are out of date or non-existent, people will think you don’t care. We recommend using social media and keeping it up to date, ensure you use #FreshFest16 to help with promotion.
  10. Use the DSU Information Hub – The Activities Office will be at an Information point on Hawthorne Square.  We’ll have staff on the day to help out where needed, so if you have any questions no matter how big or small, that you think you need to answer urgently then come and speak to us. 
  11. The Students!!! - Remember you’re going to be speaking to a lot of students who have both done their research beforehand and want to come and talk to you. They will find you no matter what. There will also be the students you can attract to your group there and then – this is why it’s so important to be approachable, welcoming and not overcrowded.

We also have NUS extra cards on sale too at the Information Hub, so if you don’t have one already you know where to come. Remember to promote them to new students throughout the day, as this year’s discounts are even better!

And Finally…

     Have FUN! – We know it is a really long and tiring day but it is a fun one. You get to spend the day with your friends, attracting new members, showcasing your talents and doing whatever it is you plan to wow us with.


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