How We're Run

Representation, Operations and Governance

De Montfort Students’ Union is run by students for students. There are three sections of our organisation that work together to ensure we run smoothly, these are Representation, Operations and Governance. Representation


You can get involved to ensure that all students studying at DMU have a voice within the University, Union and local community. Whether you want to improve your degree, help shape what we do, change how the University works or make something better in our local community, we are here to help.


De Montfort Students’ Union employs around 70 staff in a variety or roles and positions and these ensure the services students want and access are run efficiently and effectively


Our Board of Trustees exists to oversee the running of De Montfort Students’ Union. It is made up of five sabbatical officers, up to four external trustees, two Alumni Trustees and up to four student trustees. Our Board of Trustees has ultimate responsibility for directing the affairs of DSU, ensuring we are solvent, well-run and delivering our objectives for the benefit of students. Our Trustees are legally responsible for ensuring that everything we do is in the best interests of our members, set the broad strategic direction and that the Union complies with charity law. Trustees are selected by an Appointments Panel and information is sent out via the all student’s emails. Our Board meets four times a year and holds an annual away day meeting also.