-   2001/02 One of the top 5 student radio stations in Britain, it is run entirely by students

-   Runs for two months a year

-   2000/01 – has won one student radio award and been nominated for 7 others

-   2002/03 – Demon FM is currently the number one student radio station in the country as awarded at the student radio awards (SRA) in November

-   2010-11 – celebrated its 15th birthday

-   Since 1995 its been broadcasting student content to the population of Leicester



-   2005/06 – ‘Naughty but nice’ TV station, encompassing Demon FM, The Demon and my

-   After only running a year, Demon TV managed to scoop two highly commended awards at the NASTA (National Association of Student Television Awards)


Historic Moment in Demon FM

-  2008/09 – This year Demon FM has been awarded a five year community license by OFcom, which will mean that Demon FM will be broadcasting its award – winning talent every day of the year for students and the Leicester community 


The Prism (1938)

An annual magazine created by the students association, its aim was to record the permanent achievements of students association and to reflect the well-studied opinions of students. 


Foxtail is a weekly publication which seeks to inform Students about the Union, NUS and student affairs generally. Although theorectically an off-spring of Fox magazine, it is completely independent of Executive and the various Union committees. It is free, and welcomes all contributions, i.e. letters, short articles and particularly any 'inside' information on any aspects of Union activity. Foxtail is a publication that tries to effectively reach students in order to inform them about the latest news around campus. It also wants student contrib utions because they need stories in order to fill the paper. Very little is rejected and there is no censorship! 

The Strongest period for Foxtail maagzine ran between the years, 1974 to 76, which consisted of 16 pages and gained considerable revenue from advertising. 

The last two years after 1976 was a difficult period for Foxtail with only two issues appearing in 1978 and only one in the previous year. The problem was finding the people to run the magazine. They lacked a substantial editorial board, which was necessary to spread the work load and responsibility. 


Catch is the LPSU newspaper, now entering its third year (1989-90). It has its very own office on the Arena floor, which is open every dinnertime. It is a 16 page tabloid and it is published fortnightly. It compromises of four entertainment pages, 2 clubs and society pages and several featured pages.  

The Demon in 2005/06 had a monthly circulation  of 4,000 copies, however it was looking to expand to a bi-monthly issue meaning that there would be an increase to at least 6,000 copies of The Demon a month.