VP Welfare and Community Candidate

I am a Third Year Health Studies student who strives to improve the health and welfare of the students within the community of DMU. Over the last three years I have volunteered with DMU to improve the health of the community of Leicester, this has given me the skills I need to be YOUR Vice President Welfare and Community.

To make a safer campus during freshers and nights out

  • Providing free condoms to reduce the STI rate from one night stands ;)
  • To provide flip-flops and bottled water to walk home safely with
  • Anti-bacterial hand gel in the toilets, for those moments when the sinks are full of girls doing their makeup
  • Selling small food items e.g. Crisps and cereal bars, for those moments to sober up ;)

Better understanding for religious groups and minorities

  • More Prayer rooms and greater visibility
  • Extra support with academic studies during religious holidays e.g extra time on deadlines and support when leaving lectures to pray

To create an area for individuals with mental health and other disabilities to go and escape from the stress of university life

  • To create a sensory room with specialist to characteristics for all physical and mental needs e.g. Those who are noise and light sensitive.
  • I aimed to make this a drop in centre once a week for any students who needs support

To provide students with the opportunity to be trained in either mental or physical health first aid

  • To reduce the number of students dropping out of university due to poor mental and physical heath

To start up an international perception programme to make the transition to the UK easier

  • To create a welcome pack containing information around Leicester’s culture, recreational activities, and every day essentials
  • To create an out of hours phone number for international students