VP Student Activities Candidate

I can proudly say I’m a confident, friendly, determined and born leader. Who doesn’t give up or complain when things are not going my direction. I believe everything happens for a reason and success can only be modified by 3 values. Self-determination, self-confidence and hard work. Nothing in life is easy and there are no limits to what can be achieved

As Chairman of the Pakistani Society, I have arranged a total of 13 events last year. As well as a charity ball called Yaadein, which raised over £2500. This year I have helped further increase recognition of the society and organised many events. I have combined the Pakistani Society of De Montfort and University of Leicester. This was done to further increase the development of the society. I am also planning on doing another charity ball this year.  

Over my 3 year life span of studying in De Montfort University. I have been very engaged in societies. From my first year of university I had joined and fully interacted with societies to my 2nd and 3rd year. Where I undertook the position of chairman of the Pakistani Society. As chairman of the Pakistani Society, I have fully transformed a society, which was invisible to now being a recognised and respected society of the SU. I believe, I am the best person to take the position of Vice President (student activities). I can truly understand and empathise with all those in charge of societies as well as members. I believe I would change and improve how societies are run. I would take everyone’s opinions on board and truly represent societies at De Montfort University.