President Candidate

Who am I?

LT, rights advocate, animal lover, women’s rep, cheerleader, lover of food, old school rock music and a terrible driver.

I have…

  • Organized ThisGirlCan campaign & delivered DMU’s first women in leadership conference
  • Passed ThisGirlCan policy to break down barriers in sport
  • Passed a policy to introduce a welfare officer to student groups
  • Lobbied for better options for students with dietary requirements

I will…

Save you money!
University is expensive for students and I want to make sure we are doing as much as possible to tackle unnecessary costs. DSU and the University have done a lot of work on this & I want initiatives such as employability fund and work into hidden course costs to continue. Whilst also working on day-to-day costs such as printing, price of food and providing advice campaigns on where you can save.

Make Wednesdays worthwhile!
Worthwhile Wednesdays would clear all student’s afternoon timetables, allowing them to participate in societies, sports clubs, volunteering, part time work or even catch up with coursework.  

Continue building DMUs fantastic community!
We have such a diverse student body at DMU and we all have a right to live our lives peacefully. However, racism, sexism, homophobia and many other hateful ideologies are still a huge problem for students. I promise to promote campaigns that champion underrepresented students, such as pride and black history month, and tackle these everyday issues that reinforce oppression.

Improve timetabling and handins!
I want to provide all students with a timetable free from clashes, that you can trust won’t change last minute. I also want to make handins completely electronic, saving you time and money.

Why me?
(Well done for reading this far) I’m experienced in student politics, I’d be a kick ass president and I’m ready to make sure student voices are heard.