Zone Elections Results March 2020

Below are the results from the recent Zone Elections 2020.

Vacant spaces outlined below will be filled in the Zone By-Elections in late 2020.

Those named below have been elected to their relevant zones:

Opportunities Zone:


Sports Club Committee Rep:


 Esme Tyler


 Matthew Wells



Performance Society Committee Rep:


 Vacant role


 Vacant role



Other Society Committee Rep:


 Vacant role


 Vacant role



Faith and Cultural Society Committee Rep:


 Vacant role


 Vacant role



Demon Media Committee Rep:


 Lawrence Robertson



Academic Society Committee Rep:


 Vacant role


 Vacant role


Welfare Zone:


Volunteering Society Committee Rep:


 Donghang Du


 Vacant role



Faith and Cultural Society Committee Rep:


 Vacant role


 Vacant role


 Vacant role


Academic Zone:


Art, Design & Humanities:


 Vacant role


 Vacant role


 Vacant role



Business & Law:


 Yusra Waheed


 Meera Dasani


 Maria Tariq



Computing, Engineering & Media:


 Harry Johnson


 Mark Miller


 Syed K. Shah



Health and Life Sciences:


 Em Dainty


 Lucy Parker


 Navi Kaur


Open Zone:




 Aliya Khan


 Gavin McMinn


 Georgia Savory


 Raul Godoy Bernabe


 Hope Heeley


 Nathan Julian


 Anujith Surendran


 Paraskevi Vappa


 Puja Subramaniam