Opportunities Zone

Opportunities Zone

The Opportunities Zone will lead on DSU activity and campaigns relating to student groups, employability enhancement opportunities and student engagement. The Zone has responsibility for overseeing the approval of new student groups and approving additional funding as well as holding the Student Opportunities & Engagement Executive to account.

The Zone membership will be:

  • Student Opportunities & Engagement Executive – Aashni Sawjani
  • 12 elected student group Committee members:
    • 1 x Demon Media Committee member
    • 2 x Sports Club Committee members
    • 2 x Faith and Cultural Society Committee members
    • 2 x Academic Society Committee members
    • 2 x Performance Society Committee members
    • 2 x ‘Other’ Societies Committee members

The Opportunities Zone will regularly report back to Student Council on student opportunities and engagement matters. 

Resources and meeting dates will be updated once the 2021 Zone elections are concluded.

Nomination criteria

  • To nominate yourself you need to be an elected Student Group Committee member
  • Everyone across campus can vote!