Student Council

Student Council

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Student Council is the main representation forum of DSU working to influence policy, priorities and activities for the union, ensuring the voice of our student members are heard.

Student Council is made up of each elected Zone member and Executive Officer Team who represent all DMU students and make decisions on the behalf of the student body. All students are welcome to attend any Student Council meetings and can also ask for a motion or policy to be considered. However, only elected representatives may vote on any motions, policies, procedural votes etc.

Want to attend the next student council meeting? Email and we will send you an invite to the next meeting.


Five zones within DSU coordinate action and implement change on the lives of each and every student at DMU.

The five zones have responsibility for discussions, campaigns, officer scrutiny and the coordination of activity related to the development of area of interest within the zones.

Each zone member is a voting member of student council and they are responsible for;

  • Engaging in discussions and campaigns to promote the activities of their Zone and DSU.
  • Support, scrutiny and working closely with their respective Executive Officer for the development of the union and matters related to their zone.
  • Contribution and development of policies and initiatives for the Union to be more effective in improving the student experience and representation improvements.
  • Advising Student Council on issues relating to their zone in order to make the Union more effective.
  • Zone members are required to attend a minimum of four Student Council meetings per academic year.

    Academic Zone
    Leads on DSU activity on educational matters, representing your academic interests. The Zone will propose new initiatives within the course representation system, run campaigns aimed at improving students’ academic experience and hold the Academic Executive to account.

    Zone Membership;
  • Academic Executive Officer
  • 3 Elected ADH Course Reps
  • 3 Elected BAL Course Reps
  • 3 Elected CEM Course Reps
  • 3 Elected HLS Course Reps
  • Equality & Diversity Zone
    Leads on DSU activity in relation to intersectionality, ensuring DSU actively consults with liberation groups to inform activity and campaigns and hold the Equality & Diversity Executive Officer to account.

    Zone Membership;
  • Equality & Diversity Executive Officer
  • BAME
  • Disabled Students'
  • International Students'
  • LGBTQ+
  • Mature Students'
  • Postgraduate Students'
  • Women's Liberation
  • 3 x Faith and Cultural Society Committee Members
  • 2 x Volunteering/Charity Society Committee Members
  • Opportunities Zone
    Leads on DSU activity and campaigns relating to student groups, employability enhancement opportunities and student engagement. Responsible for overseeing the approval of new student groups and approving additional funding as well as holding the Opportunities and Engagement Executive Officer accountable.

    Zone Membership;
  • Opportunities and Engagement Executive Officer
  • 1 x Demon Media Committee Member
  • 2 x Sports Club Committee Members
  • 2 x Faith and Cultural Committee Members
  • 2 x Academic Society Committee Members
  • 2 x Performance Society Committee Members
  • 2 x ‘Other’ Societies Committee Members
  • Welfare Zone
    Leads on DSU activity in relation to wellbeing and support for students, ensuring DSU actively consults with Welfare Champions and Student Groups to inform activities and campaigns. These activities and campaigns cover areas such as housing, mental health and mindfulness etc. Responsible for holding the Welfare Executive Officer to account.

    Zone Membership;
  • Welfare Executive Officer
  • 3 x Health and Safety Student Group Committee Members
  • Open Zone
    Leads on the general development of DSU and all democratic matters. Responsible for campaigning on issues relating to union development and holding the Union Development Executive Officer to account.

    Zone Membership;
  • Union Development Executive Officer
  • 9 x Elected Student Members
  • Zone Opportunities Fund

    The Zones Opportunities Fund is an exciting initiative launched in September 2020. The aim is to empower our Zones to launch projects with a £250 budget to address the matters relating to their zone.

    The bid applications will be judged by an independent panel composed of staff members from the Students’ Union – who will judge the applications based on the bidding criteria and the provided guidance on how to make the campaign effective.

    The aim of this initiative is to delegate power to the zones and empower you to make change on issues affecting their remit.