What is a Course Rep?

Course Rep Elections Key information 

Any student can run to be a course rep. You just need to make sure that you are a student here next academic year. Students can nominate themselves on the Students' Union website.  

You have until the 25th Febuary (23:59) to nominate yourself. Then in March, all student will be able to vote to decided the representative for their course. They will be able to vote here. 

If you have any questions please email voice@dmu.ac.uk 

Course Representative Responsibilities and Expectations 

Course representatives basically have to speak to their course mates and find out the issues they face on there course. Then they have to talk to lecturers and try to make change. If you want to find out more details about what course representative do, then click here. 

Upcoming Course Rep Election Information - dates, staff & student roles in the election

Course Representative Hub

The Students' Union has a wide range of resources to support Course Reps. Below you can find a copy of some key resourse for course representative. 

Course representative conference slide

We also have a issues and solutions template that you can use to help you in SSCC's and PMBs. 

Issues and Solutions template

What do the university/faculty acronyms mean and what do they represent?

As a course representive you will hear a lot of acronyms, below is a list of some of the key ones. 

AQC – Academic Quality Committee

EEC – Employability and Enterprise Committee

EDC – Equality and Diversity Committee

PPMC – Postgraduate Programmes Management Committee

RDC – Research Degree Committee

UMC – Undergraduate Management Committee

ULTC – University Learning and Teaching Committee

FAC – Faculty Academic Committee

FLTC – Faculty Learning and Teaching Committee

How can I successfully lobby the university?

There are many ways this can be done. The most effective way is do some research and to do this you would need to speak to the students that you represent.  Going into meetings with good research and constructive feedback from students makes you sound more credible. Academic staff generally appreciates student feedback – without feedback they won’t know how to improve as a department/faculty. Remember, as a student representative you are representing the views of those you represent, not just YOUR personal views.

How do I report a ‘Win’?

You can submit a win by clicking here.