What is a Course Rep?

Course Reps - Who are they? 

Course Reps are the vital link between staff and students at DMU on all things course related. They are current students who help us ensure you have a say by listening to your thoughts and ideas and feeding this back to try make positive change.

Course Reps are here to represent your academic interests and to help us ensure your voice is heard while at DMU. Talk to your Rep today about anything course related to help us create positive changes to your University experience.

How do I become a Course Rep?

To put yourself forward or to be nominated as a Course Rep, students can run in our Course Rep Elections. These elections usually take place at the beginning of the academic year and give you the chance to either go for the position or have a say on who represents you.

When the position for a Rep on your course comes available you should be told about this by either your lecturers or us via email or in your lecture. If you are unsure or you are interested in becoming a Course Rep please contact Voice@dmu.ac.uk.

Who is my Course Rep?

You can find your course rep here.

If you cannot find your course rep, or you would like to put yourself forward to be a course rep, you can email voice@dmu.ac.uk and we’ll have a look into this for you.